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Message par Fatalyx le Lun 31 Mar - 16:43

[MINT] Mintcoin ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fi60.tinypic.com%2F2hhdiqg

-Scrypt PoS/PoW

Other Specifications:
- 30 seconds block target
- 100000 - 900000 coins per block initially
- PoW payout will be halved every week for the first 5 weeks
- After 5 weeks, the PoW payout will be fixed at 1 coin per block
- Difficulty retargets every block
- PoS variable interests:
- 1st year: 20%
- 2nd year: 15%
- 3rd year: 10%
- 4th and subsequent years: 5%
- Total coins will be 70 billions
- 4 confirmations for transaction, thus fast 2 mins confirmation for transactions
- 50 confirmations for minted blocks
- 1% premine for bounties, giveaways, development, support and maintenance, new feature developments etc.


https://prelude.io/ (USD, BTC)
https://www.litebit.eu/coin/mint/en/ (EUR, exchange rate is for 1000 MINT)
http://bter.com/trade/mint_btc (CNY, BTC)
https://www.mintpal.com/market/MINT/BTC (BTC, LTC)
https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/156 (BTC)
https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=trading&m=MINT&b=LTC (BTC, LTC, DOGE) (/!\ warning, shutdown?)
https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-MINT (BTC, LTC)
https://poloniex.com/exchange/btc_mint (BTC)
https://coinedup.com/OrderBook?market=MINT&base=BTC (BTC)
https://coins2themoon.com/ (BTC, LTC, DOGE, FOX, GRUMP, IFC, NYAN, POT, SAT, TOP)
https://www.allcrypt.com/market?id=157 (BTC, LTC, DOGE)
https://c-cex.com/index.html?p=mint-usd (USD, BTC)
https://www.usecryptos.com (BTC, LTC)
http://www.wabigong.com/trade/mint_cny.php (CNY)
https://www.btc-cc.com/index.php?action=currency&coin=mintbtc (BTC)
http://www.guogao.com/trade/MINT/ (CNY)
https://www.niubtc.com/index.php/home/trade/entry/sign/mint (CNY)
https://agx.io/markets/313/trade (BTC)
https://www.europex.eu/#coin/btc/mint (BTC)
https://upbit.org/ (USD, BTC)
https://coin-swap.net/market/MINT/ (any coin)
http://cryptokopen.eu/buy-MintCoin (Buy MINT with any fiat currency via Skrill)
https://www.coinpeat.com/?s=Home/Index/index/id/18 (/!\ Warning, issues reported)

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